Camping Guide to Camping on Camping Fraser Island

Camping Guide to Camping on Camping Fraser Island

Camping Fraser Island is located at the tip of South Georgia and offers a wide range of recreational activities in the months of January to July each year. The beautiful landscape and mild climate make camping on the Island of Australia an enjoyable experience for visitors from all walks of life. Most camping areas are formal camping sites that can be rented for a longer stay. There are many self-contained campgrounds that offer complete facilities and amenities for a short stay. If you want a more relaxed and casual experience, then informal camping areas are where to go.


Most camping sites will give you a map of the hiking trail which will ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. This beautiful location has four official campgrounds including Whitehaven Sanctuary, King’s Beach, Woolamai Beach and Cairns Beach. You may want to explore some inland rainforest areas that are not heavily visited during the peak summer season. Although, you will find no shortage of activities and attractions in and around Camping Fraser Island, but it’s important to pack lightly and consider using the local public transport to get around. Some camping sites will allow you to take your own vehicle so you won’t need to depend on public transport.


It’s easy to book a camping site on Camping Fraser Island, because the vast majority of the accommodation is classified as ‘family friendly’. It’s important to remember that all campgrounds accept pets, however they may not be permitted to stay with the family. If you’re going to use a campervan or hire car to visit the various camping sites on Camping Fraser Island, you’ll need to ensure that you tell the campground attendants of your pet(s) in advance. This way they can arrange with the campground management company about a suitable place for your family to stay.

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