African Jewelry – Pounamu Earrings

African Jewelry – Pounamu Earrings

pounamu earrings

Pounamu earrings are not the first ones that come to mind when we think of African Jewelry, but they are among some of the most beautiful. The pounamu is a type of hoop earring found in south eastern Africa and Madagascar. These types of earrings were originally used by the people of Borneo for hunting, but were later taken up by the Jewelers of Europe. They are made from a material called “umba” which is a hard wood often times seen in Bali villages, hence the pounamu being pronounced as “poun amu” or “poun amungu”. These types of African jewelry make great gifts or given as a unique piece of art.

African Jewelry

Today, there are pounamu earrings available for women of any age. But there is something very enchanting about these hand crafted earrings. Many people believe the pounamu jewelry can also help cure some of the ailments that a woman may have such as arthritis and diabetes. There are even some physicians who believe that these pounamu earrings actually helped them in their medical studies.

You can find many different styles of pounamu earrings for both men and women at your local jeweler or on the Internet. One of the most popular pounamu earrings for women would be the round pounamu or “quatrefoil” earrings. These pounamu earrings are one of the prettiest types of African jewelry available and at a reasonable price.

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