Construction Industry Uses of Bog Mats

Construction Industry Uses of Bog Mats

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“We produce and supply bog mats and crane mats from a large supplier based in Scotland, which is named after a local lake which has helped develop this area. Birketts is a leading supplier of wood access mats, (both civil and crane) and Ekki mats as they’re also called. We both rent and sell bog mats and crane mats throughout the UK and Europe. We have five strategically situated distribution centers across the UK so that we can fulfill customer orders quickly as necessary. Our timber mats weigh between 300 and 1200kg, usually, they’re used on building sites, civil engineering projects and pipeline works, however, we also have supply facilities in our offices and warehouse to cater for local orders where we need to keep stocks of a smaller number of products.

How To Construction Industry Uses of Bog Mats?

Birketts supports the construction industry in many ways, not only do they provide good quality wood access matting for construction workers it’s also environmentally friendly, helping to protect the environment from the damage done by construction machinery. The mats can be used to provide temporary protection from damage during construction, such as when attaching timber clamps, or protecting concrete from the damage done by heavy machinery. This then makes the construction site much safer for all workers present. Furthermore, due to the nature of the product itself, bog mats can be manufactured to fit a very specific shape, this means that no two sites will be the same and therefore no two bogs will ever be the same. This ensures that the construction industry can rely on these mats for years to come.

As with any other construction product, the bog mats used in the construction industry should always be inspected for any defects in material or manufacturing before use. You should ensure that all the parts are fully intact and secure to the base. If you are unsure, contact your supplier for further advice. Never use bog mats used in the home, they should only ever be used for construction purposes.

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