Commercial Cider Making Equipment

Commercial Cider Making Equipment

commercial cider making equipment

Commercial Cider Making Equipment

Whether you’re a home cidermaker looking to turn it into a business or a cider producer wanting to expand your business, commercial cider making equipment is a must. Fortunately, many of the basic items needed to start a commercial cider business can be purchased at a homebrew store and online.

Fermentors (glass or plastic)

A fermentor is the primary vessel where fermentation takes place. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles and is generally made from glass or food-safe plastic.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Cider Making Equipment for Your Business

An airlock is an important piece of equipment that allows the gasses created during fermentation to escape while keeping contamination such as mold or bugs out of the fermentor. It’s also used to help keep the cider at a consistent temperature during fermentation.


A carboy is a popular fermentor for hard cider and is available in many different sizes. Some come with a spigot that is convenient for bottling the finished cider after the fermentation process is complete.

Dry Yeasts

The standard yeast for wine and cider, dry yeast is not as costly to buy individually as fresh yeast cultures are. It’s best to purchase a small amount of dry yeast to start with and pitch it into each batch, similar to how beer brewers do.

Pectic Enzyme

The pectic enzyme (pectic acid) in the apple juice helps clarify the final cider by breaking down the soluble pectin in the apples. It can also be used to help preserve the cider by preventing bacterial growth and extending shelf life.

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