Best Carpet Pre Spray Review

Best Carpet Pre Spray Review

best carpet pre spray

A best carpet pre spray  is a cleaner designed to prevent stains from setting on fabric surfaces and also to reduce allergens like dust mites that can collect on the surface of carpet. These products usually come in liquid form that can be sprayed on the carpet and allowed to work for a few minutes before being wiped clean. Some carpet pre sprays are designed to be used in conjunction with a steam cleaner to help break up dirt and grime and make it easier to remove.

This product performed well in our tests, lifting both fresh and set-in red wine stains from light-colored carpets. It also removed muddy paw prints and was able to get rid of the odor associated with pet accidents. However, it was unable to completely eliminate odors from greasy or spaghetti sauce spills. Overall, though, this is an effective and affordable option for homeowners who have pets or young children.

Carpet Pre-Sprays 101: How to Choose the Best Product for Your Cleaning Needs

Customers who bought this product reported that it worked as advertised to remove a variety of stain types including red wine and oil, and that it also eliminated odors. They liked the fact that it didn’t have an overpowering chemical smell and that a little went a long way.

This powdered carpet pre spray was easy to apply using an old spoon or broom and is ideal for people who have concerns about spray cleaners potentially staining or discoloring the fibers of their carpet. It can be applied as a spot treatment or sprinkled over the entire surface area for a deep cleaning. This product works to remove a wide variety of stain types including grease, oil and red wine and also eliminates odors.

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