Types of Solid Rack Decking

Types of Solid Rack Decking

Solid rack decking adds standard shelf storage to pallet racks. It can hold up to 3,000 pounds and is made of steel that resists corrosion. This type of pallet rack decking is not refundable or resold. If you are looking for a durable decking that is easy to assemble, consider using plywood.

What is pallet rack decking?

Pallet rack decking meets NFPA and FM Global fire safety codes. This type of pallet rack decking can be installed directly into standard 1-5/8” step beams. This type of decking is available in standard thicknesses, ranging from 16 gauge to 22 gauge. It is also available in different load ratings from 450 to 5,000 pounds. Its galvanized finish makes it resistant to corrosion.

Another option is wire decking, which provides toughness and durability while also improving flexibility. This type of pallet rack decking is ideal for warehouse applications that require multiple sizes of pallets. Also, wire decking meets fire-suppression system requirements. It has a lower cost than wood, and is stronger and more durable than wood. It also offers seamless support from front to back. It’s also great for use on cantilever racks and stacking surfaces in between cantilever arms.

Another type of solid rack decking is slotted open steel. This type of decking has a higher weight-bearing capacity than wire decking. Made of 22-gauge galvanized steel, it is fire-safe and will fit any 42″ deep rack bay.

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