Three Great Things To Do In Wichita Falls

Three Great Things To Do In Wichita Falls

If you are looking for a list of things to do in Wichita, you won’t have to look very far. Located in central Kansas, Wichita Falls is one of America’s premier tourist destinations. The vibrant downtown scene offers entertainment and attractions for all ages and skill levels. There are tons of fun things to do in Wichita for families, couples and especially for kids.

Top Things to Do in Wichita Falls

The first thing you should do in Wichita is take a tour of the Historic Downtown. It’s a good way to experience what a Midwestern town with a rich history and culture can offer. In the heart of downtown, the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museumhonors famous wrestlers and boasts memorabilia from wrestling’s past. Midway down Main Street, the newly renovated Newby McKinney Building houses a slew of mid-range retail shops, while the historic narrow, four-story Newby McLaughlin Building is also home to the State Capitol. Down by the river, the Brain Place Waterpark is one of the best in the state, along with several fountains, skateboard parks and kid-friendly outdoor cafes. Between these, you should be able to see a lot of neat things to do in Wichita Falls.

When you want to see a lot more things to do in Wichita, you should head over to the Wichita Falls Historic downtown area. This area is divided into three parts: South Central, North Central and West Central. The area surrounding the downtown area was home to a light manufacturing district during the early years of Wichita’s development. Today, these buildings stand as a historic site telling the story of how this town grew. In addition to visiting the historical sites, you can also go on a boat ride across the beautiful Arkansas River that flows through downtown w Wichita.

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