The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Washington DC

The Best Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Washington DC

The Nation’s Capital loves its recreational marijuana dispensary in washington dc so much that they host a National Cannabis Festival on the National Mall every April with A-list headliners and tons of food vendors. While cannabis is technically legal to possess and consume in the District of Columbia, sales and large-scale production remain illegal due to a tangle of local and federal laws.

Why do Colorado dispensaries only accept cash?

That minor caveat has sparked creativity in the city’s cannabis community. Instead of selling weed like the rest of the country, DC shops are taking advantage of the loophole and gifting marijuana to adults 21 and over. The only requirement is that the recipient doesn’t have a medical card or even live in the District of Columbia.

This “gifting” loophole has spawned a number of shops in the city, and we’ve done the work to identify the best ones around. To determine our top six, we analyzed reviews on major review platforms (Google, Leafly, Weedmaps, etc.) and looked at the total score and positive comments for each business.

The District’s largest dispensary, Capital City Care, is a favorite of many people due to its baby-blue brick storefront and homey feel. Their expansive collection of products includes a wide selection of flower, cartridges, and pre-rolls as well as edibles that include everything from chocolate to honey to gummies. They also have a five-percent kickback loyalty program for first-time customers.

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