How to Choose a Metal Print

How to Choose a Metal Print

Metal print is a newer trending medium that is gaining popularity for home and office decor. It’s a fantastic way to display your favorite photos and add a modern touch to any space.

What is a metal print?

They’re made of aluminum and can be produced in a variety of sizes, finishes and mounting options. These prints are durable and archival and can last for decades.

Choosing the Right Photo

The image you choose should be of the highest quality and resolution so that it can show up clearly on the metal panel. It’s important to pick a picture that you’ll be proud to display for years to come.

Color is Key

The dye-sublimation process of a metal print gives it a superior color quality. This results in higher contrast and brighter colors than traditional paper prints, which can bring a whole new dimension to your art.

During the printing process, different inks transfer at different rates, so colors like red and black can be transferred more quickly than other colors. If this happens, the color can “burn” on the surface and turn brown.

A quality metal print should have a matte finish to avoid glare. This is a benefit of metal prints over framed art, as there is no glass for the light to reflect off of.

The metal print itself is also water resistant, making it a great choice for bathrooms or any other environment where you might be exposed to moisture. Additionally, they’re easy to clean and wipe down whenever you need to.

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