Fort Worth Construction Booms

Fort Worth Construction Booms

The fort worth construction group skyline is poised to take a major leap into the future. Construction is underway on many projects that were stalled or paused by the pandemic, and there are plenty more planned. From the gleaming glass-clad 20-story tower of Fort Worth City Hall designed by Duda Paine to the new rework of its interiors by BOKA Powell, there is an energy in downtown that can be felt.

The construction boom is being driven by the city’s fast-growing population, which grew by the largest amount in Texas in 2022. That has created a demand for more housing options, including multifamily buildings. But while the city sees more building permits for multifamily units than Dallas, Austin and Houston, it still lags behind its peers in home ownership. The lack of affordable homes pushes people into neighborhoods with high-rise construction, which can create traffic problems and increase congestion.

City of Progress: The Booming Construction Scene in Fort Worth

Downtown Fort Worth will also gain a host of office users, which could lead to higher-rise construction. The convention center expansion, for instance, will add a significant number of professional offices to the area, and the Omni Hotel is investing $200 million to build a new hotel that will bring more guests into downtown, further increasing traffic and restaurant and retail business.

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