An Introduction To Somananda Tantra School

An Introduction To Somananda Tantra School

Tantra course School is an Embodied Awakening Academy college dedicated to the true sacred tantric arts. It was founded in 1969 at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India. Somananda is committed to researching the secrets of ancient tantra through research, assessment and evaluation of tantra principles as well as advanced tantra techniques. This educational venture is different in nature from the other mainstream schools that are more interested in teaching about Vedanta or tantra as a religion. The core philosophy of the school is about empowering human beings through the practice of tantra and vegetarianism. In fact, even in its current days, Somananda also advocates a vegan lifestyle.

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Somananda focuses on exploring the three schools of tantra, yoga, and chakras. It believes that by learning these three aspects separately, one can train himself for a greater spiritual evolution while simultaneously attaining higher levels of personal development. It is said that the ancient tantra texts call for learners and practitioners to work independently and not according to a hierarchy. The school advocates non-resistance and spiritual independence.

The first primary objective of the tantra school is the study and practice of tantra rituals. These rituals are believed to assist in kundalini awakening. The rituals include chanting mantras (which are sound mantras that are meant for specific purposes), meditation, and exercise. Other than the studies of tantra rituals, this school also emphasizes the importance of physical exercises as well as the proper breathing technique and proper food intake to achieve spiritual development.

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