9 Types of Gold Used in Jewellery9 Types of Gold Used in Jewellery

The lustrous and beautiful metal gold jewllery has inspired artists, jewelers, and wearers throughout the centuries. In this article, we explore 9 different types of gold used in jewelry.

In ancient times gold was considered a symbol of wealth and power. The designs of gold jewelry reflected this, with mythological characters and scenes being popular themes in the art. Today gold is often paired with other metals, producing a lovely two-tone look.

Pure gold (24 karat) is too soft to produce jewelry so jewellery is typically made using a mix of other metals. The karatage of the alloy is what determines the price point, with lower karat gold costing less than higher karat varieties.

Unlocking the Secrets of Gold Purity in Jewelry

Solid gold jewelry can be very expensive, but it is a timeless investment and lasts a lifetime. Solid gold pieces are not prone to tarnishing and can be worn in the shower while swimming and when exercising. Unlike silver, gold is hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin.

Gold-plated jewelry is much cheaper than solid gold, as it only uses a very thin layer of pure gold on top of another base metal – usually jeweler’s brass. Gold-plated jewelry can be damaged by chemical exposure and is more susceptible to tarnishing than its solid gold counterparts. However, it is a good option for those looking for a low-cost way to try out a new jewelry trend or style. Gold-plated jewelry is also typically marked with a quality stamp or hallmark to affirm the gold purity involved.…

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