What is a Vape Smoke Detector?

What is a Vape Smoke Detector?

vape smoke detector

A vape smoke detector is a device that can be installed in schools, workplaces and other public spaces to monitor for chemical abnormalities. These sensors send silent notifications to the people in charge of enforcing no-vaping policies like the principal at school or administrative staff at work. They can also detect cigarette and cannabis smoke, too.

These types of detectors are designed to look like the common ones we install in our homes, offices and other public spaces. But there are two key differences. The first is that they aren’t triggered by smoke particles but rather by chemical changes in the air. This makes them far less likely to be triggered by things like steam or kitchen smoke, but may still set off vapor clouds in some cases.

Vape Sensors: Detecting and Preventing Vaping in Restricted Areas

Secondly, these devices are specifically designed to not be triggered by other sources of smoke and fumes that could cause a fire. They’re able to differentiate between vapor and other chemicals by using a dual sensor that can categorize particulate matter and distinguish between different chemicals like nicotine and THC. This means they can reduce the number of false alarms triggered by things like cooking and cleaning, and prevent unwanted disruptions like a fire drill or evacuation.

There are other types of detectors, such as heat alarms which can be triggered by things like hot objects or a fire, and aren’t as sensitive to vapour. But it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re vaping and near a smoke detector, be sure to blow the vapor away from it to avoid setting it off accidentally.

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