Is a Buzzing Light Switch Dangerous?

Is a Buzzing Light Switch Dangerous?

Is a Buzzing Light Switch Dangerous

Light Is a Buzzing Light Switch Dangerous? get lots of use and can wear down over time. When this happens a buzzing sound can result, which can be quite annoying. Sometimes the cause is as simple as tightening inner screws, but other times it’s a more serious issue that could potentially be dangerous. If the switch is hot to the touch or if there’s a delay in the lights coming on when the switch is turned on, then you should call a professional right away to ensure your safety.

If you do decide to investigate the problem yourself, make sure the power is completely shut off by flipping the breaker for the circuit to which the switch belongs. It’s also a good idea to have someone walk around the house while you flip the breakers on and off, so they can confirm you’ve shut off each of them. If you’re comfortable handling electrical work, then you can remove the cover plate of the switch and check the two hot wires that connect to it. Always use a multimeter or non-contact voltage tester to test the wires before touching them, and if the light on your tester turns red you should not touch them.

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If the switch is still buzzing, then it’s likely the wattage of the light bulbs is too high for that switch. Try using different bulbs of a lower wattage or installing less bulbs to see if the problem resolves itself. If the switch is old, then it’s probably time to replace it.

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