IPQualityScore Email Verifier

IPQualityScore Email Verifier

IPQualityScore email verifier

Email verification is a process that checks the validity of an email address to make sure it is active and owned by an actual user. It is a necessity for any business that wants to send emails to customers or prospects because it ensures that their message is delivered in the user’s inbox instead of landing in the spam folder or bouncing back due to being blacklisted. It is best to verify marketing lists every 6 months at a minimum to keep the number of invalid and bad addresses down.

IPQualityScore email verifier  validation tool and API are a powerful way to validate email addresses and provide an email reputation score for each. It uses deep pattern recognition and combines them with abuse reports from across the IPQS threat network that are contributed by thousands of popular brands and 80+ Fortune 500 companies. The result is an easy-to-use email analysis that provides 30+ data points on each email address to help prevent fraud signups, fake payments and registrations, bogus app installs, and other types of fraudulent activity.

Mastering Email Verification: A Comprehensive Guide to IPQualityScore’s Email Verifier

The free lookup for email verification checks for the presence of an active inbox with the mail service provider, verifies the syntax of the email address (spelling, formatting), verifies the domain configuration, identifies role based email addresses (support@, sales@) and more. The free lookup also determines if an email address is on a disposable or temporary email service. This information can be extremely valuable for businesses looking to increase user or lead quality while reducing spam, fraud, and other types of malicious activities that hurt their reputation and cost them money.

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